My Story

What I do now


As a parent, I look for opportunities to enrich my daughter's life. I hope to inspire her to learn, create, and explore. There are so much messaging out there for families and I continue to learn to navigate what is right for us.


I have been in education as a licensed K-6 educator, camp counselor, teaching consultant, outdoor skills mentor, and environmental educator for 12+ years. I am so happy to be able to spend my days helping to shape programs that get kids outside into nature.


I write to help parents enrich the lives of their own children. I started with a blog about my travel's around the world. This led to me writing about raising children who are strong and capable. Now I write content that inspires for you.

Where I have been

My life has been full of rich experiences and opportunities for growth.

I have learned from a great many teachers, instructors, and mentors.

I received a degree in Elementary Education and also served in the Air Force National Guard. During this time I studied and taught abroad in England and South East Asia. With the military I deployed to Japan and Iraq. I also spent two wonderful summers as a camp counselor in the rolling hills of southern Indiana.

My life has been a series of juxtaposed experiences.

Then, after a brief time teaching 3rd grade, my thirst for adventure led me to the Peace Corps in Thailand. Immersed in the Thai language and culture, I taught in the jungles at the border of Myanmar. 2 years later I set off on a grand tour through Nepal, India, Morocco, Spain, and Ireland.

Since then I have dedicated my life to building community and mentoring youth. I enjoy creating fun and exciting experiences for children and adults. I also strive to learn more about how we grow as humans.

I write because I love to share my knowledge and passions with the world.

Interested in bringing in my unique perspective and passion for your organization? I invite you to reach out to plan a time for us to speak.

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